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He was arrested for having sex with 158 dogs and 17 cats

An animal welfare worker was arrested this week, allegedly for sexually abusing 158 dogs and 17 cats over a two-year period.

Barney Clifton, 51, was arrested by Detroit police, facing a total of 1561 charges, including sex with animals and animal abuse.

Police say Clifton has been having sex with 158 dogs and 17 cats for two years, in addition to recording sexually explicit images boasting that he is a doctor to treat men with small penises.

Police also said that what made them realize that the suspect was the one who was abusing the animals was that he had a habit of hunting and arresting dogs.

Similarly, the man is facing charges of recording and posting sexually explicit images on the Internet. Police have said they are still considering additional charges as the investigation continues.

The man, however, is alleged to be mentally ill as he has been in a psychiatric hospital for five years. His lawyer Robert Fitgerald has announced he will apply to the court for a psychiatric examination.

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