What is Psychology?

*The term psychology comes from the Greek roots psyche meaning soul or mind and logos meaning word or study

Psychology helps us scientifically evaluate
common beliefs and misconceptions about
behavior and mental processes.

Can you identify which of the beliefs on the
the following slide is true or false?

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Personality Psychology

STUDY: 87% of white women enjoy conjugal act with black men


The study was conducted by the Department of Sexual Sociological Endowment in the Cultural Histology at Rutgers University. Of the 800 people surveyed, eight percent admitted to wanting to have conjugal act with three people and black men. But the statement that the difference between white women who want to have conjugal act with black men and those who are ready to marry has indicated that racial oppression still affects the integration of the US people and other Western nations.

Black men seem to have a high level of proficiency in bedtime issues, but on the other hand are absent from big jobs where there is money. As a result, many white women prefer to have conjugal with black men but approach white men when they want to meet financial needs.

Report by Taifa Leo

UTAFITI: 87% ya wanawake wazungu hufurahia ngono na wanaume weusi


The Whole Truth About Contraception

Men and women want birth control that is safe, effective, affordable, and convenient to use, and today more than ever we have a variety of choices that come close to these ideals. People often need different types of contraceptives to suit the different stages in their lives. A method that is useful for spacing pregnancies, for instance, is not necessarily adequate for the woman who wants to stop child-bearing completely. And a contraceptive that works well for someone who has sexual intercourse only occasionally may not be sufficiently effective for those who have sex often.

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