Pasta is caught by his wife in a bad corner

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A riot broke out in the area when Polo and his wife got into a heated argument and then knelt down to pray for each other.

Our circles inform us that polo claims to be an evangelist and yesterday he left home after telling his wife he was going to preach in a remote area.

His wife accompanied him and wished him all the best, but later he received a rumor that her husband had gone to have sex with her in a distant city.

One day, Polo returned home with a Bible in his hand and sang a religious song. “I am happy to find you safe. I was able to preach the gospel with several survivors, ”the relative told his wife. However, his wife exploded in anger accusing the relative of adultery.

“Stop that shit! I have received full information that you used the opportunity to betray me and your bride. Get out of here! ” His wife burned with rage. The relative was shocked to find out that his metal was on fire and he was sweating with a cough. “The intrigues you have experienced are due to the devil’s actions. Stop that and give me the welcome I deserve, ”the relative said.

It was then that the commotion intensified as his wife stopped murmuring in a normal voice and screamed in anger. Jombi knew he had been pushed into a bad corner and decided to kneel in the mud and offer a unique prayer. “I beg my wife to see the light and not be distracted by the devil so that she can let me continue my ministry,” the relative prayed and the foolish anger suddenly subsided.

“And the mother of the children also knelt down and prayed that God would end the lust for the filth that had taken her husband,” the sister explained. The wife then said she had forgiven her husband who also promised to be faithful to her.

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